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In a decade's time, Chanalytix's principal, Angelica has built a uniquely diverse background consulting in business & financial data analytics and modeling risk for both life & health and property & casualty insurance industries. She holds a B.B.A. from Temple University's Fox School of Business with a primary concentration in actuarial science and secondary concentrations in financial modeling and business management.

Her passion for and research in catastrophe (CAT) risk management originated during her actuarial capstone course 10+ years ago. The subject for discussion was the speech Karen Clark gave at the recent PCI Annual Conference about the perpetual volatility in catastrophe modeling. No matter how advanced technology develops, or our understandings of natural sciences or non-weather-related perils grew, we will never be able to fully grasp these calamitous events and the financial repercussions they bring. Unable to continue her studies in graduate school, she knew that a career in CAT risk management could provide a lifetime of education, fulfilling her natural appetite to learn and grow.

Since and throughout her career thus far, there has been a common underlying limitation throughout the industry, data wealth. As such, she has taken it upon herself to conduct independent research throughout the years to be able to develop a variety of solutions that bring value to businesses she consults.


To this day, she continues to strive for self-development and is eager to learn & grow with every opportunity given and is always open to new and challenging opportunities!

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